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Reboot - Biomimicry inspired Aquatecture

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This biomimicry-inspired entry for the Aquatecture competition was our vision for the creation of a futuristic,  water-based habitat for human life on earth. With nature as our guiding light, we studied the structural intricacies of the various shell organisms found in the aquatic world. We explored the floatation strategy employed by the aquatic violet snail which uses its mobile foot to create a raft by collecting air bubbles and enveloping them in mucus. Another source of inspiration came from the industrious fire ants that weave their bodies together in the thousands to create water-repellent life-saving rafts. The year 2200, Indian Ocean. Colonies of shells drift over what used to be the Maldives. A closer look reveals a thriving Maldivian community, living to the beat of the ocean. Where did the archipelago go? How did the people survive? Let’s take a look.

Designers: Samuel Mathew, Ann Sankey, and Shimroth John Thomas

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